Sunday, March 29, 2009

Highlights of March

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A new trick from Hudson

I get tired of the electronic music that seems to accompany every single toy, so tonight I set Hudson up in his bouncy next to my computer. I was playing a little Eric Hutchinson, and I thought I'd see how he liked it. I saw something I'd never seen from Hudson before - dancing!!

Love those smiles!

Hudson has figured out that it's a huge hit when he smiles. So he rewards us with them often!

Maybe daddy took the window peeper joke just a little too far

I was lying in bed and looked up to see this! (except smiling until I got out the camera)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hudson's first road trip

With Aunt Tracy on a surprise stopover at her new house on first road
trip to Lake Catherine, Arkansas

The first outfit we bought Hudson on the day he outgrew it

Check out how his feet fill out those footies! He has Wescott feet!! I
was unexpectedly very sad to have to retire it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hudson chilling in the nursery

Hudson's first grocery trip

He and his stroller came in so handy!

Auntie Jen smitten by the Hud

So sweet (and ready for an Arctic blast in Austin)

Hudson and Gracie "sharing" the boppy pillow

Mr. Strong Neck and his daddy

I'm such a wonderful mother

Who needs a crib at the office when there is a perfectly good dog bed?

Hudson's first lunch out

The world's cutest feet

Proud Wright grandparents

Hudson and sweet cousin Truman

This photo melts my heart

Kirk is so amazing with Hudson

What I saw when I got up this morning

It gave me a smile all day!