Saturday, June 20, 2015

Cousin time

Caroline and Hudson having fun on the giant rocking horses. 

Horseback Rider

Having a great time at our family reunion, including a little time on a horse. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Legoland Hotel

We're getting ready to go to Dee Dee & Grandaddy's, and I have spent the morning finishing things up. So I hardly noticed when Hudson asked me how to spell Open and Closed and wrote it on a sign.

About a half hour later, I noticed it was a bit warm in the house, so I got up to go investigate. The front door was wide open.

Hudson was outside, with a cardboard box, his sign and a Lego set.

Me: Hudson, what are you doing?
Hudson: I'm selling my Legos so I can go stay at the Legoland Hotel.
Me: Hudson, I told you it's way too expensive to stay in that hotel. How much are you selling your Legos for?
Hudson: $700.
Me: Honey, that's too much. Those Legos only cost about $12.
Hudson: But I made something really cool with it. (Then after some deep thought:) Do you think I could sell it for $600?
Me: (Speechless)

Monday, June 8, 2015

It's Official - we're off to First Grade

Here are some photos from Hudson's Kindergarten graduation ceremony. The kids did a great job performing several songs along with the other 4 kinder classes. They then each got called up to get their certificate and closed out the show with the top hats singing "Start spreading the news... First Grade, First Grade."

Start Spreading the News... First Grade, First Grade!

All of the kindergarten classes performed some great songs at their graduation ceremony. Here is a snippet of the grand finale after all the kids had gotten their certificates.

(Hudson has on the blue shirt in the second row just right of center.)

Watch Here: 

Last Day of Kindergarten

Hudson had the greatest teacher, Ms. Williams, to start his journey through school. So patient, caring, loving and funny with Hudson. Since she gets final say on his First Grade teacher, we know he'll get a great one next year too.

(Hudson has on his Ms. Williams' Wonderdogs class shirt. Bee Cave Elementary are Bobcats)

Ready for Summer

Hudson told me the other day that he was heading outside to play. After about 20 minutes, I went looking for him and here's what I found. Just lounging on the hammock reading a book. :)