Saturday, May 23, 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ms. Williams' Bee Cave Elementary Kindergarten Class

With less than four weeks left in the school year, these kids sure look bigger than when we met them back in September. Ms. Williams has been a great teacher to introduce Hudson to the structure of a full school day, reading, writing and basic math & science. 

During this final four weeks, she has even told them that she will be judging their behavior and willingness to learn at the first grade level which really excited Hudson. (She gives them a Color "grade" each day where everyone starts out Green - meaning ready to learn. You can either move up or down from there.) He got a Blue (one up from green) today - making good choices. :)

Sunday, May 3, 2015


Hudson gave the Wipeout "ride" at try at Springfest on Saturday. Just glad he was laughing so hard when he got off, because I was laughing watching. Almost like watching a live Three Stooges skit. (Or the Wipeout TV show)

Hamster Ball

Here's a 10 second clip of Hidson in the Hamster ball at the FitSmart Expo. 

Marathon Kids

Hudson completed his Marathon Kids 26.2 miles today with a 1 mile fun run at the FitSmart Expo at the high school today. Here he is with his buddy Isaac and their PE teacher who was so proud of them for completing the run.

FitSmart Expo Hamster Ball

Hudson and Isaac loved the hamster ball and repeated running in it 4 times.