Monday, July 28, 2008

A great reaction

It was so much fun telling my New York friends the news! And you can see by Caroline's face that she loved being in on the action. We did the old "let's take a picture" trick, then 1... 2... I'm pregnant! CLICK!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Week 11 - Doctors, dramas and celebrations (oh my)

This week, we went to our 11 week doctor's appointment. We had decided that once we heard the heartbeat at this appointment, we'd let the cat out of the bag and officially celebrate. No pressure, right?

When we arrived, the med tech came in with a Doppler to hear the heartbeat, and after fishing around for awhile, she said she couldn’t hear it. So my favorite nurse Bree came in to try, and she couldn’t hear it.

So we had another unplanned sonogram. We had to wait 15 minutes – which seemed of course MUCH longer. But it was worth the wait. The baby kept waving at us (at which point, the doctor would exclaim, "Hi Mom!"). Then it started doing summersaults, flipping all around, and waving its arms around like it was beating a drum. (My dad called “him” little drummer boy.)

At first, the screen was facing away from me, and it was amazing watching Kirk’s reaction. I’ve never seen eyeballs that big. But finally, I was like hellooooo, and I got to see too. Here s/he is:

Tonight, I'm telling my extended family that I was too nervous to tell at the family reunion. I'm so excited! I am sending out a JibJab greeting that I'll post in a few minutes.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Funny Gender Predicter

I just found a gender predicter online; it's based on the Chinese Birth Chart. Anyway, here's what it told me:
It's not scientific, but you never know!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Week 10 – Counseling, clothes & predictions

We've reached double digits! I must admit I'm starting to feel almost cocky! We had a couple of milestones this week.

We had our genetic counseling appointment and found out our odds are 27/28 of having a baby without chromosomal abnormality. We do a test in a few days that will "move the dial" hopefully to show our odds are even better. Depending on the results, we'll decide whether we'll have an amniocentesis or another test called CVS. This is not my favorite topic, but I feel good that we have the facts.

I also had my first bout with too-tight pants. I've got to say, this was not a highlight. So I did my very first maternity shopping yesterday with my college roomie Melinda and at least made a start at remedying that situation. It freaked me out to even walk into a maternity store, but Melinda kept it fun and light (begging me to buy these huge overalls, etc.)!

Two people have very strong predictions for a girl. One is Melinda, who had been calling the baby Melinda but has now switched to Abby. The other is my bro-in-law Scott, who had a dream last night that it was a girl with dark hair. My parents-in-law don't have a prediction, but they have put in an "order" for a girl. Oh, and my dad put in a request for the name Reagan, which I know is to offset Tracy and Scott's son's "democratic" name Truman. It was too funny.

That's it for this week. Friday is our next doctor appointment, at which point, we tentatively plan to start telling people (if my belly hasn't given it away already). So excited to see the little muffin again on ultrasound!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Week 9 - Reasonable redefined

I hit 9 weeks! It was really fun to celebrate pool-side at Tracy and Scott's. Tracy confirmed that my belly is in fact getting bigger (sisters are good for that).

This week, I realized that when you're pregnant, you have a whole new definition of reasonable.

The most important "new reasonable" thing is that in your first trimester, feeling "great" means feeling sick. (It means your hormones are increasing, etc.)

Another thing is, you have these weird thoughts. This morning, I thought, I'm feeling good! I think I'll just get up and go to the bathroom. Then 30 seconds later, I thought, while I'm in here, I may as well just barf. (Thank goodness I didn't and haven't.)

Other "reasonable" thoughts from the week:

  • If I crawled to the pantry to get the Ritz, maybe I could get there without getting sick?
  • Maybe I'll just get up and make some macaroni and cheese (at 5 am).
  • I think I'll eat breakfast… for the third time.

The best part is that I'm totally able to laugh about it. Sense of humor is key. Till next week…