Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why the Ladies Really Love Me

Hi there everyone, it's me, Hudson. So, I learned something new this week. . . the ladies love me. Funny huh!?! Mommy always thinks I am so handsome, and sometimes I am even stinky but she still thinks I am the bees knees. Miss Christine sure does think I am a cutie too. This week I was sure a big hit when I helped with the chores. The ladies really love that. The laundry is my very favorite thing to help with. Just look at how great a help I am in this video.

Mommy, and Daddy are training me how to be the most handsome, handiest, sweetest little boy ever. To top off all of my adorableness, I have been working on my second tooth for a while and it finally came in this week. The two bottom ones are in but I really need the top ones to complete the look. Watch out ladies!!

Well I think I will go be adorable now. You know, it is sort of my job!! See ya later.


The Little Ladies Man

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