Monday, February 1, 2010

Hudson playing around

Hudson got to open his card from Dee Dee a little early, and it has gotten a lot of use! It plays music, and Hudson can't get enough!

Dee Dee got Hudson a shopping cart for his birthday, and we opened it while Buela and Papa were here. So fun!

Hudson was looking a little scruffy, so Mom gave him his first real haircut on Saturday, while Baby Einstein kept him entertained!

Buela and Papa love playing on the floor with Hudson. Aunt Tracy's ball popper is still a huge hit! Every time he pushes the button, he looks over to make sure we are catching how cool it is.

Now look how handsome Hudson looks with his haircut and shirt from Aunt Barb.

His smile can melt you.

And when he's really concentrating and sticks out his tongue, well, we can't stand it. How will we ever discipline this face?

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