Monday, August 16, 2010

First day of camp

I'm going to be honest - today was a hard day. I didn't think it would be that way. Hudson was going to his first day of CAMP - a super fun sounding morning activity that I thought would ease him into preschool next week.

But Hudson got up (early!), seeming to have his teeth hurting again (we've had such a nice break). We tried Motrin, but it didn't seem to help.

Things got harder getting Hudson ready for camp. Since it was Western Day at camp, I tried to put a bandana on him. I'm not sure which he hated more, his bandana or his fab backpack from the Walkers.

Then we got there and Hudson was fine for 2 minutes, exploring the room.

But then, he cried for the better part of the hour, so much so that the counselor texted me a photo to show me that he was reading this book over and over, so he was "fine." (I didn't point out that it was a gymnastics camp.)

Before we left, I gave Western Day one last chance, but Hudson was only moderately amused.

Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow!

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