Sunday, February 27, 2011

My favorite things about Hudson

There are so many things I love about my son, but here are a few, in no particular order:
  1. How he'll say ACHOO 100 times, just so you'll say Bless you!
  2. Tickle hugs! Hudson didn't hug until we added this element.
  3. "Punkins." How he remained obsessed with them long after Halloween. How he calls every kind of bread "punkin bread"
  4. The fact that Jingle Bells is a favorite song, long after Christmas, and how he sings other versions like Jingle Bella (mom and dad's dog) at the top of his lungs
  5. How he must carry around cars and trucks, so many that we have to help
  6. How much he loves his school bus from Buela and the taxi Truman got him in NYC
  7. How he pushes Mater everywhere, how he used to not allow anything to be stored in its seat but now will finally put his sippy in there
  8. His favorite activity of playing trains on the coffee table - a much more interesting centerpiece than flowers, don't you think?
  9. Hearing him FINALLY say mommy at 21 months! (so much better than mimi, which Tracy was afraid would make people think I was his grandma!)
  10. Hearing him spell his name at 23 months (remarkable!)
  11. His love of the chickens and piggy, which even when he was barely talking, we could often discern a "chicken" and/or "piggy" in the midst of the Hudson-ese
  12. His love of the moon and stars and airplanes and birds... and other things we might not otherwise notice (without fail)
  13. How he says Tank-OO (thank you)
  14. How when I remind him to say thank you, he yells Your Welcome!
  15. How he asks to go upstairs (whether going up or down)
  16. How he tries to get you to play "I'm going to get you!" even when you're just casually walking through the kitchen
  17. His obsession with Usher and "Oh My" - even though it's completely age inappropriate but so dang funny
I cherish these and so many more things; he is so funny and entertaining and the sweetest little rascal ever!

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