Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Funny Part

I just danced with Hudson for the last time as a two year old, and then had a little cry. I can't believe I'll have a three year old tomorrow!

But in the midst of my grief, here’s something hysterical he said tonight. We were listening to the Toy Story song, You’ve Got a Friend in Me.

Hudson said, here comes the funny part, mommy. I said, oh is there a funny part? He said, Yes, it says “I’ve got a toot.” (I sure didn't think there was a mention of a toot, but maybe a train toot?)

So we’re listening, and it comes to the part, “You’ve got problems, I’ve got ‘em too.” And he dies laughing.

He thinks they are talking about a toot.

And Kirk SWEARS he’s never discussed this with Hudson.

Gotta love having a boy. Happy birthday to the best decision I ever made in my whole life (along with marrying Kirk - it's a tie)!

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