Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hudson's First Day

Today was the first day of school for Hudson, and I loved everything about his new school.

He was so excited to go and see the trains and snakes ("they're just pretend, mommy"). He was ready to go an hour early, and happily played his new kazoo all the way to school (after "dropping trou" in the yard for a quick pee pee while I loaded the car).

I was so excited too. Here is Hudson as we walked into the school. So many people are rushing by that you can't blame him for not stopping to look at mommy!

Then we went to his classroom, and Hudson acted like an old pro. Since he'd been dying to go to school, I thought he'd be fine; but we all know how kids can turn on you! Well he was just great. Ms. Rosie helped him wash hands, and then he never looked back at me.
One reason I love Ms. Rosie is that she already said he was so smart. They learned the word NOCTURNAL today, and Hudson was the only one in the class to remember it later in the day. (And luckily, I got to hear it 15 more times throughout the evening.) He also played dress up and loved the tire swing.

I probably got more info about Hudson's day than at least a month in his old school. All in all, a great first day!


  1. I forgot to mention that Hudson was the lighting inspector today, which meant he made sure all the lights were off when they left the classroom. He took his job so seriously that he kept trying to trim them off in the hall leaving school too! Cute!!


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