Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hudson did his four year old appointment on his birthday. Here are the stats, which you can feel free to ignore unless you are a grandparent who loves the details. 

He did an overall great checkup. Most kids are coming in with at least some respiratory issues, but he was crystal clear.

41.5" tall (90th percentile- tracking to be 6'1" as an adult)
34 lbs (60th percentile)
20/20 vision (great - many 4 yr olds haven't developed to 20/20 yet)
Great hearing - heard the softest sounds in the test. (Hears sounds that adults can't hear)

Both Dr Dawson and the nurse commented about how few 4 yr olds follow instructions and behave as well as Hudson did. So overall, we were happy and proud.

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