Sunday, November 30, 2008

The love of a (grand)child

My mom's reaction to my being pregnant has been slightly unexpected and extremely wonderful. She's had three grandkids, so I wasn't sure another one would be all that exciting for her. But I have felt blessed and overwhelmed at how thrilled and connected she's been to the whole experience.

From the start, she's wanted frequent updates, and has been anxious to hear about every doctor appointment, kick, even the aches and pains of pregnancy.

I must admit she's vying for a little girl, and it has been killing her to not know the gender yet. She's been chomping at the bit to buy a few things for the little muffin. I haven't been very congenial, not really wanting to give in to all the "must haves" of a new baby. But there's one thing I wanted, and it's a fabulous glider chair. So she just bought us this one. We're so excited! In the picture, you can really see the gliding action at the bottom, but in real life, it looks like a sleek simple chair. Align Left

But the glider just wasn't enough for mom. She also broke down and bought some adorable paper doll material to make a little blanket, with chocolate brown and white polka dot fabric for trim and super soft pink fabric for the lining. It cracked me up! But it's so cute that of course I didn't protest.

While I was at her house for Thanksgiving, she spent a lot of time rubbing and talking to my belly. "Hey little muffin, this is Dee Dee!" And little muffin obliged, kicking a couple of times that mom got to feel. It was incredibly special. There's nothing like your husband and mom yelling at your belly and then getting a reaction to get you a little misty.

Speaking of misty, I have found my emotions are running a little high this week. Today in yoga, we were supposed to put one hand on our heart and one on our belly and send loving thoughts to our baby. Am I the only one in class that got totally choked up? Everyone keeps telling me this will change my life, but the truth is, it already has. From the start, I've loved this little baby so much, and I can only imagine the feeling once it actually arrives! Although I have literally bought not one thing for it (nor outfitted a nursery), I can't wait!

PS My mom and dad were talking, and she told him she just can't wait for the baby. And my dad agreed, saying he couldn't either. Having people love the baby before it's born as much as you do is the very definition of blessed.

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