Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seven month ultrasound - Crazy!!

This was an unscheduled ultrasound, but there was a professor in my doctor's office that needed a guinea pig. I mean, HELLO, bonus ultrasound! Kirk had wanted a 3D one, but I think they are creepy. Well will you look at this little muffin??? It's the least creepy one I've ever seen!! People in the ultrasound room think the baby's nose and mouth look like mine, and I said that's ok as long as it has Kirk's demeaner!!

A couple points: 1) The left side of the face is NOT deformed - those are its fingers up to the face, like with the elbow out; 2) that is NOT hair - supposedly it's just a shadow, so there is hope for getting the Wescott hair gene yet! :); 3) I'm not sure what to say about its little nose, or shall I say PRONOUNCED nose?! That is Definitely a Wescott thing, so we shall see.

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