Saturday, December 13, 2008

Showered with Surprises

I've always loved going over to our friends the Fosters in Portland. Of course, their house is fabulous. But it's Irene's natural hospitality that makes you feel so special and yet comfortable at the same time.

On my trip to Portland, my book club of 9 years planned to get together while I was there.

Only it wasn't a book club – it was a surprise shower for me and the muffin. I feel too old for a shower, but there is no denying that having your baby celebrated by those you love is simply priceless. So I embraced it. Here are my girls who were there (minus Sarah, who was taking the picture).

We had an amazing dinner, played fun games (thanks, Margit - although I stunk at "guess the price" and the word scramble!), and sat around telling stories of pregnancy, childbirth and beyond (well, they told stories; I sat listening wide eyed).

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