Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back from Mexico & NEWS

We're back! We had a great time, and Hudson did great too. Of course, it's hard not to at a place that caters to every whim of a baby! We even had a pack-n-play out at the pool with us!! The resort was very nice, but the weather gave new meaning to the word "humidity." My mother would have just gotten right back on that plane for cooler climates. :)

We did have a big first on the trip - we decided to officially call yesterday his first day of crawling. He had been working up to it for over a month. Every day, we've said any day now, but yesterday he kind of put it all together with hands and knees - although it was definitely the Frankenstein version that is so cute when kids first start to walk - very jerky. Scary but exciting!

Hudson also broke records with his DROOL today! We were good parents and brought 5 bibs with us on the plane today, but we could have had DOUBLE that and they still would have been soaked! Surely we're getting closer to a tooth!!

Oh and Hudson said da-da-da-da-da all the way home on the plane. Something just clicked for him I guess, and of course Kirk got a huge kick out of it. :) No signs of ma-ma yet. Ma-ma not too happy about that!

Hudson was understandably tired tonight, so we put him in front of Baby Einstein for a few minutes - I think it's called Neighborhood Animals. Anyway, at a certain point, I heard him cry from the kitchen and I ran in there. It was those darn river animals. From the first time he watched that video, he hated this one certain part with otters, etc. But he'd never actually cried at them. Kirk and I got a good laugh out of his unexplained hatred of otters. :)

We'll post a few pictures of our trip soon.

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