Sunday, September 27, 2009

Miss Christine

I know, I know. We hardly ever actually WRITE in our blog, and here there are two entries in a row. But I got an email right before I left for Mexico that warmed my heart to no end. It was from Christine, our fabulous nanny, and she asked if she could start a blog for Hudson. She had no idea about this one! She (er, Hudson) even wrote her first entry. We may make her entries a part of this blog, but I just thought it was too cute not to share immediately. Here it is, and I'm sure it's exactly what Hudson would say if he could:

Miss Christine is my new nanny. She is very nice, smiley, and has red hair. Playing with Christine has been so fun! Since our first meeting almost two weeks ago, we have become great pals. I hope she can tell how much I like her by the way I drool extra nicely when she is around:)

Our first days were full of adventures. We explored the park, the backyard, every fun toy in the house, and even the pumpkins at Central Market. We listened to music, danced, and she sang to me every day. Christine is helping Mommy and Daddy teach me sign language. She likes to show me how to sign the words eat, more, please, finished, and even thank you. She told me that I was a smart baby and that one day soon I would be able to do the signs all by myself. I can't wait to show Mommy and Daddy my words.

Christine and Mommy decided this week that I would stop having a third nap. I am so excited to have all that extra time to play. I also grew so much that some of my clothes don't even fit me anymore. I am getting to be such a big boy that I can get on my hands and knees and push myself back and forth just a little. I can't wait until I can crawl all over the place so that Mommy, Daddy, and Christine will have to chase me because I am so speedy. That will be the most fun of all.

I had a special treat with Christine today. I was extra cute so that she would give me a bath, and she did! I love bath time, so I thought maybe Christine would too, and guess what. . . she does. She gave me such a good bath that I think I might be extra cute again next week to see if she will do it just one more time!!

It has been a fun time with Miss Christine, and she even said she loves to play with me too! Thank you Mommy and Daddy for picking Miss Christine!!

Could you just die? So sweet. I'm so happy we picked her too!

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