Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Little Monkey

The last couple of weeks everyone keeps calling me a little monkey! Why would they call me that? All I do these days is climb and squirm and climb some more. Do monkeys do those things? Miss Christine said that I am just like a monkey only more adorable. I guess that isn't so bad then. I have been working so hard at so many things, I think everyone is very impressed.

First of all Miss Christine caught me dancing on video. I was trying to show her all my very best dance moves. I think she was really happy to see me dance because she just laughed and laughed. Don't you just love it when grown ups laugh, it is so cute.

Next on my hard work list is how I have been trying so hard to be a big boy. I went on the slide and swing with Miss Christine and woo hoo was that a good time. She said that one day I will be able to go on those fun park things all by myself so I have been practicing all my trickiest moves so I can get strong and be a big boy sooner. I have been crawling everywhere as fast as possible and pulling myself up to anything I can grab. I keep trying to climb up onto the bed or sofa table but I am just not tall enough yet. I also keep falling but nothing is going to stop me in my quest for big boy-ness.

Finally I have to tell you how hard I have been working on growing my teeth. I did it, I grew a tooth while Mommy, Christine, and I were in Seabrook! It took me all night and I had to have Mommy stay up with me to help but I did it. I don't know why but Mommy was very tired all of the next day. Grown ups are so funny like that. Now I just need a few more teeth so I can eat that barbecue stuff Mommy talks about. I am not really sure what that is but it sounds good.

So there you have it, I am on my way to big boyhood. Catch me if you can!


Little Monkey

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