Friday, October 2, 2009

Pumpkins, and Swings, and Crawling . . . OH MY!!

After a nice little vacation to Mexico, I was so excited to come home and get back to my new routine of playing with Miss Christine. On Monday morning she showed up to my house with a little pumpkin just for me to have. I was so glad to get one of my very own because it kind of looks like a ball and I really love balls. Miss Christine took a nice picture of me holding my pumpkin. She said I looked so handsome in my picture and I think she might be right because Mommy always says I am handsome too.

Miss Christine and I had a lot of adventures this week. We played on the swings, watched the rain fall, and took a trip to Central Market. We also had a lot of fun exploring my neighborhood and saw lots of flowers, trees, birds, and squirrels. Miss Christine even let me touch some of the trees and flowers. I thought that I should put them straight into my mouth but Miss Christine said they were to look pretty and not to eat. I will have to try to remember that. Hmm. . . I wonder how grown-ups can tell what is to look pretty and what is to eat. I just like to try eating everything I touch:)

Mommy, Daddy, and Miss Christine had to be on their guard extra well this week because I was working so hard to crawl very speedy. I think they were all very proud of me on account of my trickiness too. When they turned around, even for one little second, I crawled away speedy quick. Once I even thought about trying to pull myself up onto the coffee table. Just thought about it really, but I think I will do it soon! I don't know why all the grown-ups around here keep saying that they are in for it now. What does that mean anyway? I hope it means in for lots of fun!!

I tried some interesting foods this week. Miss Christine made me some extra special applesauce. She was really excited to let me try but I didn't really like it. I tried to be polite but I need to train her to feed me only yummy food so I made a really sour face and spit it out/gagged, she could tell it was not my favorite. Mommy tried to feed me some special green bean and peas baby food and I showed her how yucky I thought it was too. Training grown-ups is really hard work but it should pay off in the end!

Well, this was a fun week. I have to get crawling now. Catch me if you can!!!

Loves from,

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