Friday, December 4, 2009

All Aboard!

As you know I am a hit with the ladies. Mommy is the lady that loves me the most and is so nice to me. To prove it she likes to let Miss Christine take me so many fun places so that the ladies can get a good look at me. I used to only go to super fun places with Mommy and Daddy but now Miss Christine can use Mommy and Daddy's car to take me to all sorts of fun places too. For me that means more time to flirt out there in the world.

Miss Christine took me to ride on a special train The Zilker Zephyr. It was so much fun. Everyone waved to me as I went past them.I tried to watch the trees and shrubs as we moved by them but my eyes couldn't move fast enough. It made Miss Christine laugh and laugh to see me try to hard at it.

I wanted to just ride and ride but Miss Christine said we had to go! She wouldn't just let me sit in the back seat without my chair but in this picture below she let me lounge for a minute before she put me in my car seat. Ahh, it sure felt good to just sit back and relax after a long train ride. I know I am a handsome boy but I am not so sure I wanted Miss Christine to take this picture. Hopefully the ladies will just think it shows how laid back I am.

I am off to have some more fun! All aboard, because this train is leaving the station.

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