Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays! A few changes...

Yes! You're at Hudson's Adventures!

We are in Maryland, and I'm TRYING not to work. So I took a few minutes to change our blog's format tonight. Let me know what you think! It was cute but a little busy, so I decided that like the rest of my life, I needed to SIMPLIFY!

Also, my sweet almost niece Maddie (Kirk's cousin's daughter) said she checks this blog almost every day. She is such an awesome 10-year-old that I want to step it up a bit. (HI MADDIE!!!)

So I thought I'd post a few pictures for your holiday enjoyment.

This is our fabulous play group. Can you believe we have one member that is a year old already (Sweet Nora in the front right)? We all got together for a holiday party, and it was so much fun chasing everybody around! Lindsey and Ella (in pink) were great hostesses!

Here's Hudson and his buddy John. They love playing together!

This is Hudson's auntie Melinda. She loves her some Hudson!

We went on a family outing to New Braunfels to see the lights at Shliterbahn. Beautiful!

For Thanksgiving, we celebrated Christmas with the Wescott clan in Midlothian. So fun!

And finally, I can't believe I haven't told you about music class. It's been fascinating to see Hudson in this environment! Here's our first class. He LOVES the shaker eggs.
But he thinks the maracas are especially delicious! Funny story: There is a slobber bucket in each class where you put the instruments that your child slobbers on. Hudson wins the prize for the most instruments in the bucket every time! (OK, there is no prize, but I'm just making myself feel better.) I guess our sweet teacher Larisa was trying to make me feel better too, because she noted that Hudson is eating on the instruments TO THE BEAT OF THE MUSIC! Ha! Do you think she's a pro or what?!?

Hudson's personality in a group is really coming out. While most all the other kids are sitting in their moms' laps, Hudson is almost always in the middle of the circle, nowhere near me. Often he is watching the teacher intently (not a bad thing), but it does make me feel silly singing without Hudson with me. (I draw the line at dancing - I go scoop him up and make him dance with me!)

We'll upload a few videos soon, but enjoy these photos in the meanwhile. And happy holiday!

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