Sunday, July 13, 2008

Week 10 – Counseling, clothes & predictions

We've reached double digits! I must admit I'm starting to feel almost cocky! We had a couple of milestones this week.

We had our genetic counseling appointment and found out our odds are 27/28 of having a baby without chromosomal abnormality. We do a test in a few days that will "move the dial" hopefully to show our odds are even better. Depending on the results, we'll decide whether we'll have an amniocentesis or another test called CVS. This is not my favorite topic, but I feel good that we have the facts.

I also had my first bout with too-tight pants. I've got to say, this was not a highlight. So I did my very first maternity shopping yesterday with my college roomie Melinda and at least made a start at remedying that situation. It freaked me out to even walk into a maternity store, but Melinda kept it fun and light (begging me to buy these huge overalls, etc.)!

Two people have very strong predictions for a girl. One is Melinda, who had been calling the baby Melinda but has now switched to Abby. The other is my bro-in-law Scott, who had a dream last night that it was a girl with dark hair. My parents-in-law don't have a prediction, but they have put in an "order" for a girl. Oh, and my dad put in a request for the name Reagan, which I know is to offset Tracy and Scott's son's "democratic" name Truman. It was too funny.

That's it for this week. Friday is our next doctor appointment, at which point, we tentatively plan to start telling people (if my belly hasn't given it away already). So excited to see the little muffin again on ultrasound!

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