Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Week 11 - Doctors, dramas and celebrations (oh my)

This week, we went to our 11 week doctor's appointment. We had decided that once we heard the heartbeat at this appointment, we'd let the cat out of the bag and officially celebrate. No pressure, right?

When we arrived, the med tech came in with a Doppler to hear the heartbeat, and after fishing around for awhile, she said she couldn’t hear it. So my favorite nurse Bree came in to try, and she couldn’t hear it.

So we had another unplanned sonogram. We had to wait 15 minutes – which seemed of course MUCH longer. But it was worth the wait. The baby kept waving at us (at which point, the doctor would exclaim, "Hi Mom!"). Then it started doing summersaults, flipping all around, and waving its arms around like it was beating a drum. (My dad called “him” little drummer boy.)

At first, the screen was facing away from me, and it was amazing watching Kirk’s reaction. I’ve never seen eyeballs that big. But finally, I was like hellooooo, and I got to see too. Here s/he is:

Tonight, I'm telling my extended family that I was too nervous to tell at the family reunion. I'm so excited! I am sending out a JibJab greeting that I'll post in a few minutes.

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