Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Week 9 - Reasonable redefined

I hit 9 weeks! It was really fun to celebrate pool-side at Tracy and Scott's. Tracy confirmed that my belly is in fact getting bigger (sisters are good for that).

This week, I realized that when you're pregnant, you have a whole new definition of reasonable.

The most important "new reasonable" thing is that in your first trimester, feeling "great" means feeling sick. (It means your hormones are increasing, etc.)

Another thing is, you have these weird thoughts. This morning, I thought, I'm feeling good! I think I'll just get up and go to the bathroom. Then 30 seconds later, I thought, while I'm in here, I may as well just barf. (Thank goodness I didn't and haven't.)

Other "reasonable" thoughts from the week:

  • If I crawled to the pantry to get the Ritz, maybe I could get there without getting sick?
  • Maybe I'll just get up and make some macaroni and cheese (at 5 am).
  • I think I'll eat breakfast… for the third time.

The best part is that I'm totally able to laugh about it. Sense of humor is key. Till next week…

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